BSA Troop 33

Milltown, New Jersey

Welcome to the official Troop 33 Website! Since 1937 out of Milltown, New Jersey, Troop 33 is an organization that's dedicated to pushing today's youth to be the best versions of themselves by turning them into leaders, involving them in their community, and of course, how to be prepared for anything life throws at them!

It's Not Just All About Knots!

Our Troop makes sure to take full advantage of the scouting program's 139 merit badges that are offered, and some you wouldn't even expect to be a part of scouts! Take welding, sailing, fly fishing, entrepreneurship, and even space exploration! As a troop, we are dedicated to sticking to and teaching the scouting principles such as leadership, preparedness, and integrity that are presented in the scout oath and law.

Getting Off The Grid.

In the troop, we love camping, it's just what we do! But as a troop, we camp with a purpose. Each camping trip is unique in its own right where some will have the boys racing down ski slopes, others will have them raft-racing each other down whitewater rivers, or navigate their way through trails where George Washington himself once walked.

Back at the campsite, however, it's a different story. Boys will learn how to cook their own meals, and we're not just talking soup in a can! We're talking about lasagna, chili, and prime venison, dishes all made in the woods and all from scratch. Troop 33 doesn't just pitch tents and flip hamburgers, as mentioned earlier, we camp with a purpose!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Scouting is a phenomenal program that I think every boy should have the chance to partake in. As a scout myself who has been with and loved the program since I was seven, I can promise you that Troop 33 has delivered on their mission statement to help me and the boys, whom I see as brothers, to become the best versions of themselves. And I promise with a hundred and ten percent confidence, that the troop will do the same for you.

So what are you waiting for? Join Now!